Well once again this update is well overdue (although you will notice that Mayo, Adam and Cribb have all stopped updating their pages altogether, and Maxwell does his about once a month).

There isn’t a hugh amount to report from my life at the moment, so I’ll start by using that default conversation started – the weather!

Saturday was awful up here – wet and windy (although not that cold). We went for a drive and every windy hilly road we drove along (ie – every road in Wellington) was covered in little landslides. Also, at one point ove the weekend Wellington was completely blocked off fromt he outside world as the only 2 main roads out were blocked and closed (and even the planes were crashing into the sea…).

Yesterday morning we woke to a very cold overcast morning. And then it started snowing!!!, and not just crappy sleeting stuff, but realy heave (REALY heavy) big bits of fluffy floating snow. This kept up for about 10 minutes (although didn’t settle). We then headed into town, by the time we had made it into town, and Sarah had tourtured me with the female sport of shopping, the sun was shining and everything was drying out. As it turned out we had two complete extremes of weather within 2 hours!!!

In other news I have almost finished playing with my car (ok, so not realy – it never ends). Over the weekend I hmanaged to find enough breaks in the weather to fit my newest purchase. I managed to pick up a set of ‘under car’ neon tubes second hand for realy cheep (REALY cheep).
Now normally I would have said: –
“Sorry, but those are just a little to ‘showy’ for me to ever put on my car!”
But for some reason the challenge of trying to get them to work was just to much to resist.

I figure that I have almost had my moneys worth out of them as I have had about 2 weeks worth of entertainment from them (and I only managed to finish fitting them yesterday). The only problem was that I managed to break one of them (the back one) while fitting it 🙁 However as its the back one it doesn’t matter so much. Also, one of the side ones is only going at one end (the front half), so I get to play around some more to try and work out what is causing this – this is an unexpected bonus on the ‘getting my moneys worth’ stakes.

Ironically now that they are fitted Sarah has done a complete turn around and has decided that they actually look realy cool! Despite this I dont think we will use these very often (other than to get some cool photos in different places) but using them wasn’t realy the reason I brought them, I mean anyone can drive round with neons turned on, the real challenge was fitting them! Photos will be up as soon as I manage to fix the one thats only 1/2 going.

Anyway, thats it from me for another week.

P.S. Mum – As you always ring up and ask “Has it been a quiet week Shane” whenever I do a big update at work, I thought I’d pre-empt your question. I actually have plenty to do, although I am having problems with my computer and everytime I have to restart I have about 5 minutes to kill – so I am typing this on my palm and sipping my coffee while I wait for computer to restart yet again… Once my computer comes back I’ll copy this from the palm and post it up. Hopefully that will be soon???