I recieved this this morning from my [ Brother ]

So just to clarify your (last) diary entry?

You are conceeding that Schumi is infact not the greatest driver… he just has the best mechanics? And if you popped a trained monkey into the Ferrari driving seat he’d stand nearly as much a chance of winning?

I do believe that this clarifies your opinion….. so next time you get a Ferarri shirt you’d prefer one with “Brawn” on it instead of

“Schumacher”…. so you get the real star!

Of course if Schumi is winning because of the mechanics, that must make Kimi R the genuine best driver around today. Driving an inferior machine

and still getting so close 🙂


Well where should I start…

I accept this may have been the case if Schumi had been like Kimi and had simply jumped into a fast car with a good team and started driving. However this is not how Schumi has come to be argueably the greatest driver every

When up and comming Schumi moved to Ferrari, you may remember that they were in tatters – the old glory days of the prancing horse dominating F1 had long gone, and there was no sign of them returning any time soon.

Schumi took possibly the biggest risk he could of, and moved to the floundering Ferrari team with the dream of building his empire and the greatest F1 team to grace the track.

Schumi has always gone to great extents to keep his mechanics motivated and on track – in this respect he is not only the greatest drive of today, but also one of the great ‘managers’ of his team in F1.

I have come across this statement of ‘if anyone else got in a ferrari they would be that good as well’, so I have to ask you, why arn’t they? Schumi joined Ferrari with nothing and has been pivital to turning it into what it is today, so if the other drivers are that good, why haven’t they improved their teams performance in the same way???

F1 is as much about off the track as it is about on, to be a great driver you have to do both well – the fact is Schumi has won most of his races before the green flag has dropped!

Ignoring the ‘off the track’ work, and focusing on pure driving, it is still clear that putting just anyone iin a ferrari will not lead to results. It is lucky that we have more than just Schumi’s performance to gauge the Ferrari on. There is no arguement that Ruben’s Barrichello is a top class driver. And yet, even driving the same car as Schumi, he has not had nearley as impressive results, I cant see how anyone can take from this that it is only Schumi’s car that is making hime win!!!

If you want to look at my comments about the reliability of the car and, take from that, that clearly this how he has won so many races, then clearly I was not clear enough in my comments. The skill of the driver directly impacts on the reliability of the car. In contrast to Schumi, Montoya often blows up his ride, and he does this alot more than his team mate in the same car – the fact is that he is very hard on the car. Schumi on the other hand is very soft on the car, he drives with a natural fluid motion that comes of great skill and an intermit understanding of the vehicle.

My recommendation for everyone is to relax, give Schumi the respect and credit he deserves – that way in 40 years time when people talk about the top drivers af all time, you can have the privellage of saying you have seen the best.

In much the same way that Senna’s death has changed the face of F1, Schumi’s untouchable dominance has forced them to once again change the sport – except this time it hasn’t been for saftey, this time it has been so that no one can ever again be so good that their dominance makes the result the result of each race a for gone conclusion before the race even starts.