I got another e-mail from my brother today- nothing like some healthy debate 🙂 See below…

As an aside, only two people have sent me any information on the ghost(s) in Larnachs Castle 🙁 &nbsp So I thought I might run another pole…

is it pronounced Car-Sil or is it pronounced Cas-ill???
I think it depends on where you grew up…?



I take your point that Kimi arrived to F1 in a fast car… But so did Schumacher, Benetton was a very good team that brought him on board to try and take the championship away from the greats like Mansell and Senna. So in that regard Schumacher was rightly picked as one of the stars for the future, even way back then.

However your views on his arrival in Ferrari are slightly misleading. Yes Ferrari had hit a low point and weren’t looking like the team they once were. This is why a company called Fiat came along and brought the company (race team and all!!). Therefore becoming one of the first teams to have a major car company backing them up (Fiat is the largest car maker world-wide), which of course meant huge money being poured in!

Therefore his jump wasn’t so much into the Minardi’s of the world, more like into a Toyota (who are hoping to be competing for pole position inside 4 years & are backing it up with a testing budget to match)!

Plus his good friend (& the guy who has been technical director for all but one of his of his world championships – I think that’s right) had already left Beneton and joined Ferrari…. Yes Ross Braun jumped first!!!!!!!

I fully agree Schumi is an excellent driver and well deserves the wins he has gained (except the one where he smashed into Damon Hill in the lastrace to protect the championship). But I also believe that a larger portion of the credit for Schumacher dynasty should go the Ross Braun, he is the true driving force is Ferrari.

So the attitude that Schumi took a dying team and made it better, is as much a farce as to say he is totally hopeless.

Oh and have fun down in Larnech castle, hopefully you manage to find a ghost of two…



This is probably fair enough, although the ‘its the car’ theory still doesn’t fit with me, after all its not as though Barrichello has a different car.

As an aside, you comments on Toyota are interesting, my big question for people is this…

Once again Toyota has under achieved and their drivers have not proven them selves to be anything special. If they under achieve again next year, and Dixon does well, dont you think they is a good chance that they may try and move Dixon over from the Toyota car he drives in Indy?