Yawn, what a weekend… Its was one of those holidays where you go home afterwards for a holiday.

We left home late Thursday night, and arrived in Taupo early Friday morning, real early… As an aside, Shane likes driving at night. It took us a mere 3h 45m to get all the way up thereas there was no other traffic (the desert road is alot quicker when you dont have a campervan in front of you).

While up there we did all of the usual touristy things… Craters of the moon, drinking, swimming, drinking, Prawn farm, drinking, huka falls and a couple of quiet drinks. On a completly different note, I think Taupo seems to have a problem in the water supply, almost everyone seemed to wake up each morning feeling a bit under the weather. Luckily, Sarah and I stuck to alcohol and thus were un affected by the water bug.