Well, hello everyone.

First I must apologize for not updating this page sooner, however with not having the internet at work and our computer at home not working as well as it should, getting online has been a challenge.

Anyway, since my last update quiet a lot has been happening, most of it Shane has already explained but I will now just add my view.

For the weekend of the 18th October, Shane and I flew down to Dunedin for my cousins wedding. It was a really good weekend�. Lots of alcohol, talking, a little dancing and heaps of the coffee for the next few days� We stayed two nights at Larnch�s castle. The first night we were in this little poky cupboard sized room with a sloped roof that inhibited the ability to walk around the end of the bed while standing up!! But the room was ok.

The next night we stayed in the coolest room!! It was an old cart that had been found on site and then turned into a bed�. It still rolled and even had the seat for the driver! (Link to photo to be add soon)

Anyway we flew back from that and went back to work (which is going ok� very busy as always)

The next weekend was my birthday. And Shane�s present to me was to Fly Lannah up here for the weekend! It was so cool� we went shopping, to the zoo, Te Papa, Shopping and played Playstation (the simms) and drank all weekend.

So we then went back to work for 2 days and then went up to taupo for the weekend. Well this was quiet an interesting experience for everyone! Shane and I went shopping on Friday and then everyone else arrived on Friday nite. Shane has already explained most of what we did so I wont bore you with it again�

In other news the 7th Annual Fireworks Bonanza is to be held in December (probably around the 27th)

Did everyone like fireworks last night? I sat on the floor in our lounge and looked out down the valley and saw all the ones being let off down the valley! It was really cool!!

Anyway, I have to go now as my tea is ready.

Luv Sarah