I had a brief conversation on ICQ yesterday with Haslett… Apparently he has a bet with his brother.

The last betting I did that involved my brother was how long he would keep doing [ Yoga ] for… Needless to say this was called off after everyone choose ‘He’d go once’. Hes put us all to shame and now hes up to 9 weeks.

But I digress

The bet is over terrorism, specifically whether there will be another terriost attack tonight?!? The bet is based on a simple pattern. The ‘twin towers’ become the ‘bottomless pit’ on the 11th of Sept – which those damn Americans insist on writing as 9/11

1 Year, 1 month, 1 day later on the 12 of Oct (10/12), the small island of Bali became a little smaller…

For those of you who are a bit slow to click onto these things (read: Adam). This means we currently have had 9/11, 10/12…. and today is 11/13!!!!

I’ve been thinking about this a bit, and I don’t know that it would be a bad thing if there was an attack today (OK, so no attack would be better – but if they are going to attack somewhere again, then tonight would be best). My logic for this is simple. Basically that means that they have next year to complete the pattern and then that’s it (as they cant have a 13/15!!!) – terrorism is complete.

It would also remove the fear people have of “terriosm can strike at any time”. Basically it could be decleared an international holiday and people could mark 12/14 on their callender as “International Live In A Bomb Shelter Day” – and lets face it, any excuse for a public holiday is good!