Today I am trying to avoid going into town, as it is the annual Christmas parade. Now as all of you know I love Christmas and would love to go in a watch the parade, if not of the 1000�s of screaming little brats that people call children!

So I have decided that my day would be better spent driving Shane insane with Christmas carols at home! (after a trip out to the hopefully empty shopping mall)

Apart from this I have no more real news� I am still trying to beat my addiction to the Playstation Game �The Sims� and with Shane going away for 3 days it could be a real testing time!

My ending note is that it is now only 38 days till Christmas�. And with that in mind I would like to leave everyone with a quote I have recently found! (if anyone would like to Comment on this please send me an email)

�It’s a well known fact that, despite all the good intentions, tempers tend to fray around this time of the year. The pressure of getting everything just right for Christmas Day often seems to get the better of us. So it’s perhaps a very good time to look at how we can smooth things out with a bit of social grace and some good old fashioned manners.�