Ok, I’m back…

Last week was sheer hell, and I have now added hotels and eating out every meal for most of the week to my list of dislikes. These now join other dislikes including Christmas and Fish.

Needless to say, ordering the ‘Fish of the Day’ while eating out at a hotel on Christmas day is at the top of my dislike list.

On Sat, Sarah and I were out and about. Sarah was forcing me to window shop… I refused to “look any further unless we were going to buy something”!!!
Now that I think about this statement, it is ovbious how silly this was on my behalf.

Sarah took this as a challenge and twisted my arm into buying a new TV. But not just any TV, the biggest most expensive TV that we could fit in our cabnet. The outcome is that we now officially own a TV that is heavier than me, our bank manager is very happy indeed, and I am slowly recovering from my hernia from carrying it down the stairs. I’ll try to post a pic later on… (of the TV, not my hernia)

My interesting question for this week invloves the American independence wars. As we all know, these wars were basically ‘North vs South’. My question is what will these two sides be know as once the [ earths magnetic field swaps direction ]???

I should point out how happy I am with the result of the rugby over the weekend – what a great game, and it was nice to see England finally win something for the first time since 1966!

In other news, Sarahs Xmas page is getting closer to being completed. This should be up shortly. We are probably going to take a ‘evolution approach’ to it so a first version should be up soon, and then there will be further developments as Xmas gets closer (Please note – there will be no Fish or Hotels on this site).