If you’re an Aussie (or even kiwi), then you MUST read this…and make sure you pass it on, but not to Poms

Here’s a chance for you to get your own back.

Apparently every Aussie in London is getting trashed at the moment, so they have come up with this idea. Keep it in-house in order that we may have the last laugh on the poms.

If you can remember back to the Semi-finals of the RWC when England beat France, the Sydney Morning Herald ran a poll to see if the Public thought the game was dull, or scintilating. The pommies as you can imagine got wind of this and flicked an email to people back in their homeland to vote scintillating. An amazing 40,000 poms voted such that the outcome of the survey was that the most boring game in world rugby history game was indeed deemed to be scintillating. Now it is time to turn the tables!!!

At present Jonny Wilkinson is the red hot favourite to win the 2003 BBC Sports Personality of the year. And guess what folks?……..you can vote online!. So I would suggest you get to the BBC website and vote for Tim Henman as all the Ex-pat’s in the UK are doing. So follow the steps below, vote and then pass this email to as many Australians as humanly possible.

1. Go to http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tv_and_radio/sports_personality_2003/3222842.stm

2. At the top right of the page you can vote. Put in Tim Henman!! (er, that’s the tennis legend in case you missed his stellar Wimbledon performance this year…) and sort Jonny out!