(ie. it contains references to Adam)

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I ran [ Adams ] latest diary update through and quite frankly I’m shocked that he would say such things about his CEO!


We got an email from our CEO today on the f#cking subject of company Christmas presents. You may remember last year our company present was a smooching misshapen piece of metal vaguely resembling a flngering teaspoon. I was motherf#cking bitter, but I was willing to afford them the f#cking opportunity to redeem their b@llbusts this Christmas with something less, how can I say this, cr@p. Anyway, “f#ck me for a buck’s” excerpt pretty much sums up the shltty balls up:

“I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you, not with a spoon but with the thought and sincerity that would go with such a motherf#cking gift.”

That’s right. This “Sniff-my-As5” Christmas I got the ‘gift of w@nks’. Actually the balling subject line of the email did in fact read ‘Gift of As5licks’ but I still wasn’t prepared for c0ck5ucks new depth of corporate treachery.