As Adam has pointed out this week is nearly over and there has been no update with the exciting things we promised.

I can assure you there has been a very good reason for this as we have had a bit of a hectic week with some other priorities – but I’ll let Sarah update you on this later.

I did have an update written yesterday, but it got lost somewhere enroute to the site??? So heres the guts of it again…

Has anyone gone hunting back through the old diray entries recently? There is some very entertaining jems in there, however the problem is that these are hidden amongst the mundane day to day posts. So I thought it would be a good idea to make a page linking to all the “best of’s”.

And this is where we need your help… For the good of mankind we need you to send us your favourite reading amongst the site so that others get to enjoy the entertainment with none of the hassel of having to find it! So, take a few minutes and add your favourites to the comments below… no prizes for this one other than the fame and fortune of posting on our site!

The other exciting thing that I promised is a completley new layout. Progress on this was going well until last night when I made a sudden and horrific decision to learn a new coding language and produce a new page using nothing but CSS and Div’s. Ok, so most of you dont care about how the page is written, its more important that it looks pretty and is usable – which is the main focus of the new design.

I’d love some feedback on the current website, so please do me a favour and take 2 min out of your day to answer the following questions 🙂

  • Do you like the menu design?
  • Do you ever use the log in functionality to get to the ‘members homepage’?
  • What page have you got bookmarked?
  • Also I’d love it if you can send me some of your favourite sites that you visit daily (more for my own interest 🙂
  • I have to run so I’ll leave you with my question for the week…

    Here is a scenario I find myself in surprisingly often, and I still dont know the answer…

    Yesterday I forgot my lunch, so I was about to go out and buy some… And naturally thats when it started pouring with rain!

    So I decide to wait, and I sit and watch the rain get heavier.

    Now I get to the point where I can hold out any longer, so I head down to the vending machine to get something to tide me over. SO I’m standing there with $1.70 wondering what to get.

    The question is… should I be buying the largest item (ie – shop for the largest volumetric item i can afford, like chips, or a can of drink), or should I go for the heaviest item? Or is there some other unit of measure I should e shopping for (like highest sugar content etc?)

    Ok, so that was yesterdays update… I’ll add todays update later on today…