Its was only a week away, and I was starting to get really excited about it…

Imagine this – Sarah and I watching U2 play in NZ, on St. Patricks Day!

Concerts just dont get any bigger or better than U2, especialy on Paddys day! And we had good seats!

That dream was shattered a few minutes ago with the postponment of the show.

Apparently a family member of one of the band is sick.

“Reports from yesterday’s newspapers in Dublin confirm that The Edge’s daughter Sian has leukemia and is being treated at Temple Street Children’s Hospital. The members of U2, his family and friends are with him for support at this trying time. Understandably and rightly U2 have postponed their world tour. Our prayers are with the Edge and his wife Morleigh at this sad time. Get well soon Sian.” (Quote: trademe member)

However, the postponment does raise some interesting issues…

What happens to those people who brought tickets for rediculious money off trademe??? For a start, they will only be eligible for the refund of the face value – more importantly, this refund will go to the original purchaser of the tickets.

I wonder how many people will do a runner?

On a similar note – flights for the weekend are booked solid, and most tickets will be non-refundable. SO a heap of people will be left with flights for next weekend with nothing to do in Auckland… Which makes me wonder:

Why doesn’t someone organise a huge U2 party that weekend regardless?

It would be as simple as simply posting on a site (like this) that there will be a huge gathering of U2 fans, on the Auckland waterfront (viaduct) on Sat the 18th starting 9pm. Then, they could ask anyone reading the site (like you) to forward the link on to U2 fans they know will be in Auckland that day (as you are about to do).

With the power of the internet, the story of this party should travel far enough to get a lot of people down to the Viaduct on Sat night.

Just to add to the fun, U2 fans present should be told to wear a black top as a sign of Goodwill to the band over their family members ilness and the postponing of the concert – and as a sign that we really want them to come back to NZ (and not just cancel the concert).

So, forward this post on! And we’ll see you all on at the Vidauct next Sat night!