First of all I’d like to point you to todays link – there is some amazing stories! Real first person accounts from some of the biggest events in modern history.

Today I was reading an account from Hiroshima. The description is vivid, shocking and horrific, but written in a matter of fact point of view that conveys the events in a vivid and intriguing manner.

Anyway, in other news. On Friday I had a few coffees. I found myself wondering if I was addicted as I made my fifth coffee.


Its a few too many…

So on Saturday I decided to cut down to one dose of caffeine a day for this week. Despite struggling initially things have been going well this week.

By ‘well’ I mean I haven’t hurt anyone yet.

Although I have been warning people at the start of each meeting so they have been avoiding me.

I was doing well on Monday, or so I thought until I ran up five flights of stairs… My poor head felt like it was going to implode – the caffeine headache was incredible. By today (Wed) things have been going a little better with the day going fairly easily. I did have one coffee but more out of desire than need.

Its amazing how being not allowed something makes you want it even more!

Wish me luck for the rest of the week…