Today I thought I’d post something a bit different…

Last night I was playing with the ‘eye adjustment’ on my camera. It then occured to me by matching the focus on my camera with what I actually see without my glasses on, I can do a quick demonstration to show what I see without my glasses on!

So below is a picture taken on my camera in focus – this is pretty much what I see with my glasses on.

If you put your mouse over the image you should then see a change (be patient)

The first thing you will see is basically what I see when I take my glasses off.

So when I first look at something without my glasses, this is what I see… then with a bit of effort I can normally get things a bit closer to in focus. This normally takes a second or two, so I have done exactly this in the demo as well – keep your mouse over the image to see how in focus I can see without my glasses when I really concentrate.

These views are pretty close as far as clarity and seeing detail goes, I spent a bit of time getting them as close as possible. It is worth noting that because of my astigmatism I don’t see perfect circles for the lights as shown in the example… i actually get smeared ovals stretched towards top right/bottom left. But this gives a pretty good indication.

Focus Demo