Today was our first frost

and another thick fog.

They joint forces to set the world alight

with tiny crystals


I had a good week, managed to prove myself at work.


But still struggling with rubbish I inherited with the role


The sort of stuff that doesn’t even need done, but is done for process sake.

I’ve just stopped doing some of it.

some people noticed, some didn’t. Some complained, but I’ll keep pushing back unless they shown me why they need it.

I know it’ll get me in trouble eventually, but I figure its not in my KPI’s and its only ‘internal’ rubbish so it doesn’t help customers… and my boss doesn’t know what I’m meant to be doing anyway.

I just hope I’ve got it right…


but exciting.

Sparkling even!


P.S. Oh, for those that don’t know me, I have a thing for photos of park benches…