This site has been feeling a little neglected for a past few months.

The additions of daily photos have hopefully kept you amused though???

Anyway, This not is mainly to say that we are still alive, yep thats right we do still exist.

Ever since starting this site I’ve found it difficult to work out a real purpose for it. Its eventually settled up as a place for us just to post the odd update about what we are up to and to sort of keep in touch.

Its nice like that, but at the same time its also a little limiting.

So its time for some feedback from you again… what would you like to see?

Specifically, there is an opportunity for me to post a ‘daily comment’ rather than news about us. It could be anything in my mind that day, but probably less news worthy than we normally post.

Would this be of interest?
Would you like it in addition to diary, or to replace it?
Every day? Or just a few a week?

Heres an example of the sort of thing I’m talking about (some of you may recognize it as being copied from another site I contribute to).


There were 10 on Sat night…
But I woke up sunday with only 9 :-/

One lil pinkie’s gone fishing…

I just can’t feel him. Hes numb.
I’m not sure why, and 4 days on I’m starting to think I should get him checked.

I never thought I’d miss a pinky toe so much?

I suppose its a good reminder… Its the small things that make the difference!
So, what small thing have you done to make today count?