Its 16:28… official sunset is in 1 min.

Its overcast so its almost dark already. 1 min to go though…

But its ok today for 2 reasons.

We’ve just decided to take next week off. A weeks leave.

It seems like not long ago we had 3 weeks off for a wedding and honeymoon, followed by a month to move countries… but regardless, I have a week I have to use this month.

But more importantly, the dark doesn’t worry me becuase tonight is hamburger night.

You got it – I’ll be rugging up warm, putting on a head lamp, and firing up the BBQ as the evening fog suffocates everything around me.

The english love their charcoal BBQ’s… but they are just stuck in their ways. I bet theirs no englishmen out tonight with burgers on the barbie…

(Of course it is debatable which one of us has the wrong idea).

I’m not quite sure how to pitch this one to Sarah… I don’t think she’ll be so keen on BBQ by Torchlight.

Perhaps I just say ‘lets do burgers on the stove’ when we get to the supermarket… and then when we get home and shes not looking I fire up our gas powered beauty.

Or perhaps I convince her that the house has been fumigated and we need to be outside…?

Or, even better I convince her to let me take our Barbie across to the park and we can watch people setting off fireworks.

I’d love to see peoples faces as the smell of a fresh barbie floats through the mist!

Of course, given it will be dark, and misty, I will probably never get the chance to see their faces anyway.

Mmmm, hamburgers.