Ok, so its been a while… but I’m back.

Did you miss me?

December always makes me smile. No, not because of Xmas – in fact that makes me cringe. But I digress.

So what makes me smile??? Well its the time of the year when I get to through away my boring old traditional calendar and replace it with my Maxwellean Calender.

I am still very much in Dec at the moment with a busy week lined up at work.

There have been glimpses of ember, but all the Xmas parties have been a little subdued compared to the last few years. You see the last couple have been a little chaotic… its almost like this years have been missing something… although I can’t work out what. See if you can work it out by looking at the last couple of years photos.

Anyway, off to enjoy some more Dec before the chaos of Ember starts and I have to think about doing some shopping.