Theres some things in life that I love.

Sunsets and sunrises would be high up the list…

I know sunsets have been termed cliche on blip in the past, and I know that anything overused is wasted… but some days I just can’t help sneaking in a sunset shot.

You see, I am a sunset addict.

Some of my most treasured moments. Some of my most sentimental places.

My relatives farm, looking over the lagoon as the sun sets over the bottom of the world. You know a long hard days work fades away with the sun, and will start again as it rises in the morning.

Perched on a tree stump in the edge of S1’s grandma’s field. The smell of fresh pine and the noise of lambs playing surrounds us. The trees on the horizon forming a jagged silhouette horizon as the sun drops away. A new young couple enjoying a moment together… one of those moments where nothing needs to be said.

Flying across the world to land in a new country, a new life… out the window; the new sun rising over frozen beauty of Iceland. A land of crystal glistening like diamond. Another new place, beautiful.

Hunting for a sunset, and finding Munch instead.

Yes indeed. Sunsets form some of my most precious moments.

Although S1 seems to appear in most of those moments too.

Sunsets and S1.