Waiting for a cooked breakfast to arrive.

Sarah dragged me shopping.

Well, she was shopping – I went for a coffee.

“are you a photographer”

The glistening black slate had caught my eye

And my camera had caught a kids eye

His father looked on

“Are you taking photos of your cup?”

I showed him the LCD

“Will you use that for a billboard or magazine ad?”

I explained it’s a hobby.

Confused look.

“Do you take photos of everything?”

…hmmm, a little close to the truth…


I resorted to what I call ‘lies to children’

Lies to children includes answers all kinds of difficult questions. Answers which are close to the real truth, without being as complicated as the real truth.

I explained I’m traveling, and that I and photos home.

“Oh… Are you from… Australia?”

Impressively close…

He wandered back to his father, who asked him what sport New Zealand is good at.

“Um, well, Australia is cricket… so… um. New Zealand is good at Rugby?”

Pity our team forgot that fact at the world cup.

Hi father gave me a smile.

Clearly I’m a dangerous man, and I must be stopped

Thankfully the London police are onto us blippers.

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