If theres one thing that Blip has taught me, its to keep my eyes open.

I feel like I see more than I used to.

With that in mind I would like to send my wishes to Pam.

S1’s Mum.

She had 3 operations one one of her eyes a few years ago, but the sight in that eye never really repaired.

Yesterday she had the other eye done. Thankfully the doctors think it went well.

However they had to fill her eye with gas. It will leave her blind for 4 weeks until it slowly dissipates.

4 weeks of only large items and colours.

4 weeks without detail.

4 weeks without faces.

As photographers its hard to imagine…

like a lens stuck out of focus?

And it makes you think,

just how delicate our sight can be.

and about all those who do not share the same level of sight that we do.

It makes you think.

What would you miss most?

I think I’d miss the stars…

and a certain smile

(although I’d still have the giggle that goes with it).

Good luck, and get well soon Pam!