i heard a half yelp from downstairs;

the second half was cut off suspiciously

like the person making the yelp realised it could be disastrous.

it was replaced with the pitter patter of feet running downstairs

up the stairs

the door burst open

“shhhh, come quick”

an attempted whisper blurted out

excitement blowing out the volume control on the whisper

“squwel squwel”

thump… my feet hit the door

pitter patter pitter patter – two of us downstairs

swoop for the camera

and over to the back door

ease the door open

‘thwhack’, squeeze the trigger and the mirror slams up and down

the squirrel stops dead

lets go and swings freely from the tree looking for the noise


this time he sees us

a mexican standoff

me with a camera, ‘squwel’ with peanuts

the seconds pass

eye to eye

and then the spell breaks, his stomach takes over and the fear is forgotten

and its back to eating nuts

looks like he’s here to stay!

So, anyway, now we need your help…

what’s a good squirrel name???