I found myself standing there again

at the end of the road


there is a number of these i carry around in my head

stories of people and places,

some real, and some imaginary moments

narratives about life around us

some of them have been in my head for years

others are new

and occasionally i find a way

to bring them to life

to get them out of my head into the real world

…but there is one i can shake

no matter how many times I photograph it…


a man stands looking

but I can’t really tell if hes looking at the road ahead,

or where hes been,

his gaze is fixed on the path

his whole face fixed in a gaze, motionless

his eyes are the only giveaway to his thoughts

they fade from sadness to passion,

delight, fear, enmity,

rapture, achievement, compassion, confidence,

and eventually,

his eyes settle on something deep down,

and he starts to move.

slowly, one foot, at first

then another


and quicker

until he is running down the road


I’ve always wondered, do you carry these stories in your head? These made up moments of life?

oh, and i liked this blip today