Right… a bit of a tactical error today.

You see, I was given the honor of choosing the next assignment topic.

So I choose “where the wild things are…”

But, and here’s my schoolboy error,

I never thought in advance about some good ideas.

I thought it only fair, that I make an early effort on the assignment given I chose it.

So you imagine how happy I was when tonight S1 reminded me

of a habit of mine,

a reminder of exactly where our wild things live…

So, tonight I have another secret assignment admission

Each night, while getting ready for bed

I remember my father

and his warnings about the Goblins in the Closet

and so,

every night,

before I turn out the lights

I have to close the wardrobe doors.

Or else the Goblins may creep out… during the night.

Many nights, I’ve woken to find the door ajar,

…oh the panic…

and I’m straight out of bed, and the door slammed close.

(Thankfully we have another monster, Henry,

who also keeps the goblins at bay,

but I’ll introduce him properly later in the week).

Thanks for all the comments on yesterdays blip – very appreciated!