Occasional I think to myself,

“the english language is missing words…”

I mean the Inuit have many words for various types of snow,

where as we have to make do with one.

Anyway, this window made me realise we are missing another.

Today I had that strange feeling for recognising something, but feeling like it was out of place.

This window reminded me so strongly of sparkling sunny spanish seaside towns…

but here it was, in our own muddy overcast english village

surrounded by snow.

A familiar memory, completely out of context.

I’m sure you know the sorts of thing I’m talking about? Seeing a 20 year old with a blue rinse like your grand mother had? Your favourite cocktail being served to a tatoo covered biker?

I could do with a word for it…

Almost like the opposite of deja vu. A feeling of something familiar being out of place.

While I’m at it, other new words I could do with are:

“I really want to say no, but I know you want a yes and that means more to me, so, your answer is yes.”

“I have theat horrid feeling I didn’t lock the door before going on holiday. I’m sure I did, but now I’m 2 hours down the road I can’t stop wondering…”

“I had a hair cut today and I still have those little bits of hair itching my back”

Oh, and of course,

if this weather keeps up I could do with those other 7 words for snow…