I carry my camera everywhere

I have since I started Blip, 433 days ago

yet, despite being ‘able’ to take shots anywhere I go

today, I missed a prime shot

a gentleman beside me on the train commented on my camera

a slightly straggly looking stranger, talking to me on the train

one good eye, focused on my camera

(or, quite possibly he simply didn’t want to make eye contact?)

his bad eye, slightly frosted over, and always looking right

a jaw that sat slightly out of place from injuries long healed

his lips drawn tight, trying to hide expression

I got nervous

“must be worth a pretty penny” he stammered

my grip tightened on the camera body

and at that point

my fears got the better of me

I locked up, and started looking for a way out

when in hindsight

I should have asked his story,

and asked if he would mind me taking a shot.

And so, all day I have had his face in my mind,

And the story of epa rolling through my mind…

why is it that we are so afraid of strangers?