we moved office this week

(and on the off chance someone from work reads this I would like to congratulate the team that organised it – having done 2 other building moves in the last 3 years, not one came close to this for speed)

This is the new view from my window.

The other side of the building gets the view I showed last night.

I really really hope you like the view as much as I do,

as it could be a regular feature.

With the darkness setting in,

this is likely to be the only scene I see in daylight for the next 3 months

now thats a funny thought

and speaking of funny thoughts

there’s one thing about the english language i think we need to change

“small animal shelter”… a shelter for small animals, or a small shelter for animals???

“Large tree sale”… big trees on sale, or lots of trees for sale?

It’s one of those things that makes me cringe every time.