So, there’s a knock on the door

I’m still in bed so ignore it

then the door bell starts

and keeps going, ding-dong ding-dong ding…

So I drag myself out of bed to open the door to this character

Apparently, he lost the others he was with last night

in a different city

with no way to find them

and no idea of the address they were staying at

he headed for the train station to come home

but had missed the last train

so for 4 hours he waited outside, in just a t-shirt

at 6am he found an open MacDonalds

which seemed like the warmest place ever

and then, he was back out in the cold

to get the frist train for the 2 hour ride home.

By the time he knocked on our door

It looked like the ice had been building up on his shoulders

how he didn’t have hypothermia I’ll never know.

But it was then into some warm clothes (all of them)

and onto the couch by the heater.