I can’t really believe I’m here

Its been a hell of a journey

not a day missed

and somehow 500 is up already…

I know it’s almost a tradition to post some fav’s from my time here

but to be honest, that can wait

theres bigger priorities…

To the team at blip central, I’ve said it before,

I’ll say it again,

this relatively simple site, has change my daily life

things I used to go straight past

I now stop, and enjoy.

Sometimes I don’t even have the camera,

but thanks to blip, I stop and smell the roses.


If it wasn’t for you, and your amazing patience

your support, your help and dedication

You’ve been there when I have need you most

and without you behind me,

I know I wouldn’t have made it this far

(and I’m not talking just about blip)

Thanks lovely.

And, as cheesy as it sounds,

Thanks to the rest of you…

I feel like I have grown to know so many of you over the past 500 days

It really is you that make this site what it is,

so many comments, kind words when I need them most, and sharing your lives in return.

Barking, Biscuits, bluesheep, 42, if you could see me now, jim, joe, kiwidino, pixelsmith, sea urchin, missing, sp33dway, bri, lauren and tuscon jim (to name a few)

I feel like I’ve always been here, alongside you all…

thanks for the friendship.

Mum, Day, Pam, Peter, Fraser, Blair and Meaxwell… and all my other daily readers I’m unaware off…

Thanks for the support to keep going this far.

When I set out, I thought I might make 100

and I did, but I just forgot to stop…

and here I am, at another red baloon.

Thanks again to all of you…

see you on the other side.

Shane (s2)