I stumbled onto some old favourites today…

This photo spot was one. The full moon at sunrise another… and East of England – Space for Ideas was the third.

specifically the podcast.

I hated my schooling… what I actually learnt at school was learn outside the class room. It was learnt on stage, behind stage and by generally avoiding class.

Actually, I don’t think that’s changed much for me ever since. I still do my best work ‘out of hours’.

But I think it may be changing for the next generation. I am proud to say that New Zealand now includes work for Edward De Bono in its curriculum. A big step forward…

I remember when assignments at school were simple fact finding exercises. The challenge was to find the facts. The world isn’t like that any more, facts are a few keystrokes away. These days kids are taught to turn the facts into ‘information’… something we never were.

1/2 a generation and they are being taught completely differently… for the better. I personally think the next generation to hit the workforce will teach the rest of us a lot. I really hope they do.

Anyway, that’s enough ranting.

I think I will set up an ‘creativity council’ at work… I actually amazed they don’t have an approach to generating ideas already. It strikes me as a simple ‘must do’ for any company these days…

Do you have an ideas generation scheme in your job?

How does it work?

Any tips?