I don’t do valentines…

I don’t do cliche…

Yet for some reason, this just feels right.

S1 and I got on a train early morning, and headed to the continent.

Soon, we were in paris, for valentines

both of my generalities broken in one go

we spent the day there

ironically I thin we both found the day a little hectic

the day felt a bit rushed

I make a parallel with my blips from the day

all the shots I took that day felt a little forced, artiificial even…

yet when I finally looked at them the next day

I had a hard time choosing, they were full of gems.

and the day felt the same

I look back now, and just remember the ‘day we spent in paris’

it now seems wonderful…

and so, for the blip,

it feels only right to be cliche for valentines…

thanks S1