No one can tell you what the internet is, you have to experience it for yourself.

And so, for tonight a plea for assistance from a friend of ours who teaches in a lower decile school. She’s constantly trying to find new ways to keep them interested and away from the pit falls common in lower decile area.

The kids have built a website for their class. They have a tracker that shows how far around the world it goes…

All you have to do is visit their class site and you’ll show up on the map.

Go on, make their day – show them how amazing the internet can be 🙂


Unfortunately, no one can be told

what the Matrix is. You have to

see it for yourself.

This is your last chance. After

this, there is no going back.

You take the blue easter egg and the

story ends. You wake in your bed

and you believe whatever you want

to believe.

You take the red easter egg and you stay

in Wonderland and I show you how

deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Remember, all I am offering you is

the truth. Nothing more.

P.S. Does it concern anyone else that The Matrix is now a decade old???