the time clicks by in the corner, I’m ignoring it as if I don’t see it it’s not real

8pm is burning in the corner of my eye

minutes pass

I shut the laptop for the day, whether the day has finished or not is irrelevant, my brain is done

minutes pass

I’m looking for a blip, there’s bright flowers, speeding trains and tunnels, but I just can’t get it to come together to a shot

my brain is done

I give in, resigned to a half effort shot.

It feels like it’s been ages since the creativity has been there. I feel trapped in a plain world of reality.

I see a wall, a barred window… it’s an easy blip. I raised the camera to my eye, but rather then look, i just feel for the shot.

and as it feels like I do, I click… and the phone goes in my pocket

minutes pass

and I’m back on the laptop

ignoring the clock in the corner.