Tonight we waved goodbye as my parents got back on a plane to New Zealand…

And suddenly S1 and I both felt isolated.

For those that don’t realise, from the UK it’s going to take them 30 hours to get home! It really is as far around the world as you can get.

Seeing them go reminded us of just how far from our past we are… and the home sickness brought a tear to an eye.

The only thing that makes up for the homesickness is the laughs we have had while they were here! I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in years. It’s always great to see them looking so well and happy!

As I took this shot, Dad protested ‘this isn’t going to be one of those horrid generation things is it?’. Some things just have to be done though 😉

Mum and Dad – Safe flights and see you again soon!