I need help!!!

S1 has given me budget approval for a portrait lens… and I have no idea!

A 50 1.4 looks obvious, and I love my current 50 1.8… but what would it really give me the 1.8 doesn’t (is it worth that much for faster focusing)?

The 85 1.8 seems logical, but not so future proof (as if I ever do get a 70-200 then this will no doubt be put on the shelf?)

A 100mm Macro 2.8 would give me a macro… but it’s the most expensive and I’m concerned about it’s usability for portraits as it may be a bit long for my style (on a 1.6 crop lens). Also, 2.8 really that much more than my current F4?

I’m so confused!!!

Does anyone have any advise for me (please!).