Yesterday I was back at the Chiropractor and she asked if I had been under stress

Things were bad…

It’s been a stressful week in a fight with HR at work (which is not doing my back any good), so, today… well, I got over it.

Although despite getting over the cause, I still wasn’t over what the chiropractor did yesterday!

I spent 2 hours at work lying flat out on my back, conference calls and reading documents on the floor in the corner…

I got home tonight, took one look at the couch and realised I couldn’t afford to sit down.

So I turned heals, and headed down to my favourite tree…

Hmmm, that sounds strange. Everyone has a favourite tree, right?

It’s OK, right?

anyway, I digress,

So I set up the tripod and the wireless shutter release

Then lay back in the long grass with my head resting on a padded camera bag

Occasionally, clicking the shutter remote. Glancing up at the results to see if the light was right…

In the silence, the bats appeared and played around me

And then they were gone as the owls came out, glided a few feet over my head and off out to hunt

the rustle of rabbits, or foxes, or monsters in the grass kept coming closer

planes rumbling over head in between the silence

I just lay there

An hour passed around me

I couldn’t for the life of me remember what has had me so stressed… it suddenly wasn’t important any more.