I went in to see the specialist tonight and got my MRI results – all I can say is WOW, MRI’s are amazing things!

It’s no wonder my left leg hurts like hell when you look at the images!

Hmmm, let me explain them…

The strong white line down the middle of the top on is the spinal cord/nerves. You can clearly see the ‘black break’ where the bottom disc is sitting where the nerve should be

In the bottom one, you can see the black round disc. On the left side of the shot below the disc you can see a small round circle, that’s the nerves on that side. Now see if you can spot them on the right hand side? The disc bulge has squished that nerve right out of place!

So, now we know all that, we have a plan of attack. An operation in about a weeks time, followed by 6 quiet weeks, and that means I get the best Christmas present ever!

It’s sooo good to have a plan for next steps rather than the never ending unknown that I’ve been in for 10 weeks now!

P.S. Just back blipped the last 5 days. Have been very limited on computer time as the wedding last weekend has knocked me up a notch on the pain front.