Normally show day is a hot dry norwester, but today cold southerlies were predicted.

However we awoke to a glorious day – sunny, warm, not a breath of wind. Off to Victoria Park with Molly expecting crowds of people on such a beautiful morning. Not a soul in site and no dogs to play with, but Molly ran, chased her ball and played in the tussosks while I enjoyed the peace.

Could see the storm fast approaching, so after a play at the park we drove up the hill and found a vantage point to watch it arrive. Just had time to take a couple of pics when the gale hit, temperature plummeted, and dust and branches were flying. I was only 5 minutes from home but the road was littered with debris ……. and the many cyclists heading up the hill would be wishing they had been on their bikes a lot earlier as they were in for a very cold, wet and windy ride home.