On the other side of the dusty hospital window the traffic just rolls past…

Out there is that lull between lunch and the 5 o’clock panic

But on my side of the glass, time has stopped for a bit. We are in the waiting game

At about 10 to 3 the surgeon strolled past for a chat, I signed my life away and then he was gone.

The clock still says 3 o’clock, its llike it has been saying that for about an hour.

S1 is sitting in the chair beside the window with a quiet book in hand. I told her she could go; but its secretly nice to have her here waiting with me.

I’m surprisingly not at all stressed, nor tense or apprehensive. I’m just filled with a chilled out feeling of hope. A hope of what tomorrow will bring.

I left my message in the dusty window for the next person to play this waiting game.

And in 4 hours time, I’ll be back here again. Probably a little worse for wear than I am now, but at least I’ll have the end of this in sight…

Tigger is about to get his bounce back. Ok, maybe not instantly, but soon after.

I’ve missed my bounce.