We have a tropical aquarium which holds about 50 fish and we have been always tried to keep it stocked with live plants. However, yet again, we had to clean a flithy tank after being away for 5 weeks, so have succumbed to something I never imagined I would consider ………..we bought plastic plants!! I must admit look much better than I imagcied they would, and at least the fish don’t eat them, they don’t break down and clog the filter, and hopefully the tank will stay cleaner and hence more sparkiling than it has in the past

One bonus for the clever fish is that the food can get trapped on top of the plants – and this wee fellow is making the most of that and won’t let anyone else near ‘his’ plant ……not sure if he is fat cos he is cunning and gets more food …… or if he’s a she and pregnant. Time will tell I suppose.