Wet wet wet this morning so an indoor start to the day – not so bad though as I made my Christmas Cake – which was a bonus as it wasn’t even on the list yet:-)

Mollyanme went for a long walk along the river after the rain cleared. Last time we went this way was about 2 months ago and this site was full of diggers, bulldozers and trucks. Today it is a stunning garden and the home has been converted into a reception venue for weddings. Things happen quickly in our neighbourhood.

When we were walking up the hill to home there were 3 houses with open days (does that mean the housing slump is nearing an end?) but not sure that the advertised ‘quiet and peaceful’ applied to these houses today ……… someone in the neighbourhood decided that was a good time to practise their drumming – would like to hear how the real estate agent turned that into a positive selling point. Fortunately by the time I walked up the 187 steps to our place I couldn’t hear the drummer 🙂

The curves of the bridge, boat and pergola continue the theme I set for myself yesterday