This time last week my razor was packed into a box for the move.

That box was then moved, along with 2 dozen other identical boxes…

We only started unpacking these today…

1 Week is a long time without a razor!

Every time I get a little ‘over grown’ and the time comes to take it off I have to try the ‘sexy beard game’. I shave it off slowly bit by bit to laugh at the different pornstar looks I can achieve. I’m sure I’m not the only guy to play this game?

So, tonight, I thought I’d try this. It’s a rather odd facial hair variant is one we saw on TV this week on the face of some fancy New York designer. At the time even S1 commented on how stupid it looked.

Naturally, based on her original comments she wasn’t overly surprised to see me appear sporting this tonight. She quickly offered to divorce me, so the ‘Sexy Beard Game’ wasn’t played for long.

Oh it’s nice to have a razor again!

P.S. For those of you considering this sexy beard for yourselves, don’t miss out on viewing it large