So the doctor set a limit of around 1kg as the limit I am allowed to lift… I mean, that’s less than 3 pints of beer!

Unfortunately, my main camera is over this… And then on top, it’s dark outside. And my tripod is also about 3 pints of beer.

So, that leaves me with the option of either:

** Shaky blurry shots without a tripod

** Solid smooth nothings with only a tripod

So yesterday S1 took pity on me as she is keen to get me out walking over the coming months despite the darkening days. After all, walking will be essential for my back.

So she helped me put my camera on a diet.

And tonight I ventured out with my lovely new light weight tripod and my trusty LX3. A total of 1.49kg worth of kit all in (which rounds down to be 1kg right?).

I’m pretty happy with the results for a point and shoot! You could be seeing plenty more of this combination.

Right, off to watch top gear.