Like most tourists, every place we go, S1 and I try to buy small souvenirs, but unlike many tourists we try to stick to small items.

So, many years ago a tradition started… and now wherever we go we try to buy christmas decorations.

It is fantastic when December rolls around as the box of decorations comes out of the cupboard and we both sit on the floor full of smiles remembering the places we have been and people we have seen

The day the tree is decorated is one of my favourite days of the year because of it.

Strangely enough, people we have mentioned this too have through it such a good idea they have joined in the fun and brought back decorations for us! This year we have a ‘S1 and S2 in New York’ despite never having been there, and some new decorations from NZ. It’s sort of inspiring and adds to the fun.

Anyway, these are 2 of my favourites. Little S1 and Little S2 in Christmas mode, all the way from the Czech Republic. S1 is baking and I am threatening to do away with the tree with an axe – oh so appropriate.