Midsummer means strawberries, surprises and sunsets ……….

……. and seeing the sunset over the sea on the East Coast was a huge surprise!! For almost 60 years I have thought the sun always set in the West!!

hpx mentioned a few months ago that apparently, in midsummer, the sun set over the sea at Birdlings Flat – close to Christchurch, midway up the east coast. This intrigued me immensely so we decided our longest day was the perfect time to check it out. It was spectacular , and very difficult to believe we were looking at this amazing sight, which I thought I would only see on our West Coast – which is a 3 hour drive through the mountains.

The light was stunning so a lot of good photos but I had to have the sea and the sun in the same shot – so chose this one.

Will have to go back as such a wonderful place in the evening light