Planned to be at bach (kiwi for holiday home) last Tuesday, but work took control, plans went out the window, and we eventually arrived here 5.30pm Xmas day – 25degrees celsius, very light warm nor-west breeze 🙂

Unload car, clothes away, food beer and bubbles in fridge.

Pour a beer mmmmmmmmmmm – delicious with fresh picked peas from our garden – a kiwi christmas at its best 🙂

Those of you celebrating Xmas in the snow won’t comprehend the quirkiness of our kiwi xmas of bbq, beer and bubbles at the bach ……. but it is heaven to us 🙂

Best wishes to you all for a fantastic Xmas Day – Cheers 🙂

btw – I was given a blip membership for xmas so very excited to try out all my new toys – tx s1 & s2