Today, S1 let me purchase new tramping (hiking) boots…

My last pair was 3 years old and have been worn almost every day

I know they may not be fashionable, not cool, nor mainstream, but they are one thing. They are me.

Come rain, snow, drought; Jeans, shorts and trousers; my tramping boots are always on my feet.

My old pair have been wearing out for a while now. but I was guttered when the inner finally gave way over Christmas. Finally time for some replacements.

This time round, S1 let me splash out and get whatever I wanted. Afterall 1 pair of shoes every three years seems fair enough. So after plenty of research and 2 days searching for them, I finally got my hands on some today.

It didn’t take me long to get them outside and try to make them dirty. Unfortunately the Ice layer on everything meant they came back inside 30 minutes later as clean as they started.

I’ll have to try again tomorrow to find some real mud to push them to the limits.

I’m so happy about my new boots.