So, while spending hours of research online to finally decide on yesterdays boots, S1 and I ended up in a debate.

I claimed that while being a geek does mean I spend a bit more on certain items, I actually save even more than that in other areas – making me a cost effective husband in the long run

S2 claimed that being a geek I have overly expensive running costs relating to technology and associated goods, which is not made up by the cost savings in other areas, making me a high cost investment.

So, my new aim is to become “a break even geek”.

I completely overhauled my brothers computer for him getting it back to ‘working normally’ however I was awarded no “geek allowance” for it by S1 as fixing someone else’s techy problems means savings for them and does not directly impact our household incoming or out goings. This decision is under appeal, although I don’t like my chances.

That means I am still a full pair of new boots in the red. All I can think is it’s going to take a lot of good ‘fixings’ to save enough for a new camera.