Different hospital tonight, different friend

I’d never really tell him in person (although I know he’ll read this) but he is one hell of an inspiration

He should have been a dead man years ago, long before I knew him…

actually, I think for a minute or two he was

and come to think of it, since I’ve known him, he’s had to be stopped and started by defibrillators more times than I can count.

A week ago he was in for another round of open heart surgery

and yet today he had a grin from ear to ear when I popped in to ease the boredom

as always he was full of new ideas and challenges for the future.

Despite having more excuses than anyone could every need,

he has lived a life fuller than almost anyone I know.

He has seen places that most people will never even imagine, and has travelled to them in some incredible ways

He is amazingly bright, but with a twist of creativity ad passion for learning that genuinely makes me believe he will go on to make a big difference to this world in one way or another…

I suppose he is just a normal person deep down, an average man, but he just doesn’t seem to be scared of ‘unleashing’ himself like the rest of us are some of the time.

Just inspiring.

Get well soon mate.