I just received this very touching note from a close friend who is on the ground in Haiti.

I’ve written a few times recently about people who inspire me. This special lady is pretty far up that list. She’s one of those people you just know will go on to make a massive difference to the world in some way big.

She brought us this little piƱata dog as a present many years ago… he still sits pride of place on the windowsill waiting for her to return…

It still makes me smile when I see him.

Anyway, I know many people out there have though about donating to the recovery efforts in Haiti but have never gotten around to it. While the media attention may have disappeared, clearly the need has not. Please reminder that it is never too late and that they will need ongoing donations for quite some time…

For those of you who are still considering donating, heres some options to make it easy:

** The charity that my friend is working with

** Unicef

** Red Cross

** Oxfam